AAP MLA Bandana Kumari’s revolutionary measures which changed the outlook of Shalimar Bagh



Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) no doubt has the best candidates when it comes to administration and running the constituency. With every passing year, more and more members are joining hands with the party which marks its remarkable expansion since 2012. The Kejriwal-led Party is headstrong with its ambitions and party goals.

Back in 2013, during the Delhi Elections, Bandana Kumari was elected as the MLA of Shalimar Bagh which falls into the constituency of Chandni Chowk. She represented AAP with the symbol of Broomstick. She was earlier the President of AAP’s women’s wing and also served as the Deputy Speaker of the Delhi Legislative Assembly.

A little backstory of MLA Bandana Kumari goes as she belongs to Muzaffarpur district in Bihar. She has completed a Bachelor’s degree from B.R. Ambedkar Bihar College back in 1994. She started her political career as a member of AAP and rose to infinite heights after she was elected as the MLA of Shalimar Bagh in 2013 where she dethroned Ravinder Nath Bansal. From then till now, she is clearly running Shalimar Bagh as a “tigress”.

Mrs. Bandana Kumari is a social worker and does a lot for the people of her constituency. In her political tenure, she has always stood with her head high to support women and has constantly fought for their rights. It was Bandana Kumari who raised the issue of Women’s Safety and Empowerment through several measures. One of the measures is “Reservation of Women and Senior Citizens in Public Transport.” She is that strong pillar in AAP for whom women in her constituency are leading a fearless life.

The AAP’s women’s wing and Youth wing under the guidance of Bandana Kumari started 22 Gramin Sewa vehicles for females and senior citizens from Delhi metro stations in December 2014 to recognize Women’s safety. Bandana Kumari again was elected as the MLA of Shalimar Bagh in 2015 after she won against BJP’s Rekha Gupta where she fought the elections with the issues on Corruption and Women Safety.

Currently, she was alleged to have attacked a woman and her daughter, but the allegations were proved fake and baseless. It was assumed that people of different political preferences are trying to defame Bandana Kumari after the Elections 2022 are hovering over our heads.

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