AAP Picks Bhagwant Mann For Punjab, Says He Scored 93% In Televote



On Tuesday Arvind Kejriwal, the Party Leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced the Chief Ministerial Candidate who was chosen via Televoting System. Bhagwant Mann is the chief ministerial candidate for Punjab after people cast their votes through Phone and Whatsapp. The results came in favor of Bhagwant Mann as he scored 93℅ on the Televote. Mann is a two-time AAP MP from Sangrur.

Apart from this, Congress Candidate Navjot Singh Sidhu got almost 3% of the votes as shared by Arvind Kejriwal. People are so much driven in making Arvind Kejriwal their leader that they have cast votes in favor of him, but in the end, it was considered invalid.

While addressing the crowd at the auditorium in Mohali, Kejriwal said, “It is clear that AAP will win the Punjab election. In a way, the person chosen as the Chief Ministerial candidate will be the next Chief Minister of Punjab.” In short, Kejriwal is indicating Bhagwant Mann as the next Chief Minister of Punjab.

Punjab Elections 2022 will be held on February 20 and the final results will be out on 10th March 2022. But there are complete prospects that AAP would place a mark on Punjab this time as there is majority support. Earlier this week, AAP had reached out to people to choose their next CM through WhatsApp & SMS voting on the number 7074870748.

This time as there are clear chances for the winning of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the issues on which it will fight the elections are still to be revealed but the assumption is on “Farmer’s Rights and Laws”.

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