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Black Jesus Season 4 Release Date And Many More



Black Jesus Season 4

Created by Darren Star, the television series “Black Jesus” revolves around the life and work of a black minister named Mitch Jackson. The show premieres on BET on April 3, 2020, and has now officially been renewed for a fourth season. Star created the show in 2015, after going through a personal transformation himself. Star is the pastor of the Hollywood Hills Community Church, and the executive producer of the series.

Cast and Characters of Black Jesus

Black Jesus Season is a low-budget independent film that attempts to tackle sensitive topics through a satirical lens. The movie follows a straight-laced boy named Decon played by Kingston Moore who, on Easter Sunday, discovers his black Jesus statue and is subsequently ridiculed by his peers.

He is quickly saved by his two friends: a rapper named ANB (Alex Newell) and a rebellious girl named Jodie played by Ronzae Grace. With the trio, Decon begins a journey of under

Black Jesus Season

What is the Black Jesus Plot?

What’s in a name? In the case of Black Jesus, you know there’s a story behind the moniker. For the last few years, there’s been a mysterious statue found uncovered in Mexico.

Made with what appears to be human bones, the mask-like figure literally has no eyes, instead sporting holes on either side for pupil-less black holes. The statue’s face, also made of what looks like human bones, is obscured by what looks like wrinkles—but the origin is not what you’d expect. standing religion and historical significance of the black Jesus statue’s presence.


When Will Black Jesus Season 4 Come Out?

The original Black Jesus cast included Jeffrey Wright, Kumail Nanjiani, India de Beaufort, and Mark Hamill (yes, Luke Skywalker). The result was a hit web series, and anticipation is high for the second season of Black Jesus. Earlier this year, the Black Jesus cast teased Season 2 on Instagram, and a second season was confirmed by Wright on April 4th.

Many fans have been waiting with bated breath, and there’s only so much information we can get from the cast, so we turned to the fans for answers to this pressing question: When will Black Jesus Season 2 come out?

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The Bad Batch Season 2: Story, Release, Cast And Many More



The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Season 2

The Bad Batch Season 2 release date is July 4, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video, and you can preorder it today. The second season picks up several months after season 1, where cult leaders Lachlan and Lucy (played by Milla Jovovich and Alfie Allen), are living off the grid in Death Valley, after escaping underground cultists who want to take down the government.

While the cultists are still on the loose, Lachlan begins to suspect Lucy isn’t who she says she is, and he begins to distance himself from her. Find out what happens next in The Bad Batch Season 2, which premieres July 4, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video.

The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Season 2 Plot Predictions

season 2 of Netflix’s Unspeakable returns in March, and the Bad Batch are still up to their old tricks. Created by Joe Lynch and based on the graphic novel by Peter Cannon and Carla Speed McNeil, the show is a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Amy Seimetz. Season 1 was nuts, and season 2 looks just as bonkers. Here’s what we know about the plot so far.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Cast

Season two of The Bad Batch, Netflix’s zombie series, isn’t set to start until April 5, but already the streaming service has released the complete cast list for season two.

The show’s first cycle took place in 2017 and centered on the characters’ efforts to stay alive through the zombie apocalypse and the end of human civilization. This year’s cycle will center on a group of survivors who try to build colonies called “walls” and escape into the city.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has a habit of surprising us with their releases and one of those surprises was season 2 of their hit series, The Bad Batch. The Bad Batch Season 2 release date is July 4, 2020,  and comes at the perfect time for the Halloween holiday. Be prepared for another season of adrenaline-filled action.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Season 2 Official Trailer

Did the Bad Batch Get Cancelled?

Bad Batch, Netflix’s much-anticipated first Marvel series, was just released this past Friday. If you happened to miss it, don’t worry—a bad batch of episodes was recently released, which you can watch right now.

The most notable difference, though, is that the second batch removes the episode “Made You Look,” which features Daredevil’s Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones’ Jessica Jones, along with Rosario Dawson’s Alias character.

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Holey Moley Season 4: Is Season 5 Cancelled News



Holey Moley Season

Holey Moley Season 4

Netflix’s new competition series Holey Moley is back for season 4, and it’s never been better for Irish comedians. The zany series challenges comedians to tell jokes in bizarre and impossible contexts. In year 1, comedian Kevin McGarry took on the “Holey Moley” challenge, which involved him telling jokes while in a coffin. A “Holey Moley” champ is one who successfully tells a joke in as strange of a hypothetical situation as possible.

Holey Moley Season


What Are The Ratings of the Holey Moley Series?

The Holey Moley Season is an interesting show, based on a 5-book series written by Erin Hunter. The books follow the life of Nita, a squirrel, and her seven best friends, who all live in the city of Oak Creek.

The characters each have their own personalities, and they battle various enemies, like- the Gray Wolves who hunt them, the Goblins who make a mess of the city, and even their own greed, which leads them to make terrible decisions.

Holey Moley Season 5: Status

The Netflix original drama “Holey Moley” premiered last week, and it’s one of Netflix’s most unique offerings. Part detective show, part dramedy, “Holey Moley” follows the character of Keith, an LA police detective, who stumbles upon a serial killer who leaves behind bloody, hand-decorated bongs.

As Keith digs deeper into the case, he finds that he has a roommate who may or may not be a serial killer. But complicating matters is the fact that Keith and Detective Hart (played by Mark Duplass) have a complicated history. “Holey Moley” is part comedy, part drama, part investigative journalism, all wrapped up in a noir setting. And quite good, at that.

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Knock At The Cabin: Premiere Date, Watch, Cast, Story Filming, Based On Novel!



Knock at the Cabin

Knock At The Cabin: Premiere Date

The magical, mystical Knock at the Cabin is entering the home video market with the premiere of its companion series Knock at the Cabin, which will have an exclusive online VOD release on May 4, 2019. Set in the small town of Clear Lake, Iowa, the series follows the practice of “knocking” or crop circle making. This modern artisan tradition, led by the mysterious “Knock,” brings the community together each summer to celebrate friendship and self-expression.

Is the Cabin going to be a hit?

Is Knock at The Cabin going to be a hit? This drama-filled crime thriller stars popular actors: Steven Bauer, Ted McGinley, Carol Kane, Tony Shalhoub, and Virginia Madsen.

The plot centers around a group of middle-aged friends, who reunite for their one summer cabin retreat. But what follows is a series of sinister events when one of the friends, who has recently been released from jail, is accused of a brutal murder.

Knock At The Cabin: Story

Knock At The Cabin tells the tale of two best friends who go camping and end up having the greatest adventure of their lives. They meet a man named Ty, who tells them a story about the Cabin, a place filled with so much magic, which, if found, will change their lives forever.

It is a story about discovering how special you are, and how special people can be.

Knock At The Cabin

Is Knock At The Cabin Based On Novel?

Knock At The Cabin is a psychological horror thriller that follows Sam (Sarah Snook), a struggling writer who moves in with her estranged grandfather, Earl (Steve Zahn). Sam is pragmatic and structured, which makes her the perfect caretaker for Earl’s old cabin in Vermont. But, her attempt to find solitude among the woods is disturbed when a series of disturbing events begin to occur.

Knock At The Cabin Cast And Cabin

This may be true of many of the stories in this anthology, but for Knock At The Cabin, it seems more than that.

The cast, as I’ve come to realize, is a collective of talented individuals, in Lincoln and anywhere they live, who all come together twice a year to put together a play that they are going to perform, and to support each other through the process, all the while having the time of their lives.

The cast is MASSIVE, with actors, playwrights, directors, parents, grandparents, coaches, musicians, and crew members all involved. To put it bluntly, it’s “the dream team.”

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