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Breakthrough Herpes Simplex Virus Treatment Renews Hope



for a Cure and Ignites Debate in Pharmaceutical Industry
For those who contract herpes simplex in any of its forms, the virus is generally considered a
lifetime sentence defined by unpredictable flareups and endless rounds of medication.
However, a major treatment breakthrough from Australian research and product development
company Synergy Pharmaceuticals suggests that herpes may be curable. News of this medical
breakthrough could lead to a windfall for Synergy, but in addition to its impending success, the
company is also tasked with overcoming criticism from many within the medical community.
A young company restores hope
Whereas previous drug trials focused on finding a vaccine for the herpes virus, Synergy
Pharmaceuticals focused on finding a holistic solution for existing herpes patients, and the
approach generated unprecedented results.
The company used a five-part treatment, the Combination Herpes Treatment, crafted from L-
Lysine, Tribulus, Astragalus, Rhodiola, and a Unique Amino Formula 1 . The special combination
of natural ingredients generated T cells which helped break down herpes’ viral envelope and
weakened the virus to the point of erasure. Essentially, the combination treatment prevented
cell-to-cell infection and suppressed the virus’ overall activity.
Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ research showed the suppression of the virus in 72% of test cases.
Patients involved in the study had been infected for several years and ingested the five core
compounds as directed for six months.
The core combination proved to be more effective than traditional antiviral medications or any
proposed vaccines. And since first unveiling the results of its initial study, Synergy
Pharmaceuticals has made the core combination treatment available to the public and results
have been equally promising.
However, with only a few years on the market, Synergy Pharmaceuticals is a relatively small fish
in a very big ocean. The company is making substantial headway across the Australian and
Australasian markets and gaining a foothold in a highly competitive pharmaceutical
marketplace. But its groundbreaking cure, the first-ever natural treatment option for the
herpes simplex virus, has invited scrutiny from many critics, including the major medical
The criticism stems not from ethical concerns about the drug’s effectiveness but from an
industry-wide reluctance to embrace medications that aren’t pharmaceutical-based. It’s an
age-old dispute, in which the medical community refuses to acknowledge the health impacts of
1 Synergy Pharmaceuticals. (April 3, 2019). Combination Herpes Treatment. Retrieved from:

natural treatments. The conflict is especially controversial when discussing a potential cure for
the most prevalent viral disease.
And naturally, there are concerns about Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ ability to meet global
demand for its product as word spreads. These queries are understandable, but there’s a
simple solution. To ramp up its capacity, Synergy will need to form strong partnerships across
the European sector. And to reach a scalable level of sales for millions of consumers, more
companies need to buy in and support Synergy’s business. In securing these partnerships,
Synergy could take its business revenue to new heights and possibly quiet its critics.
The (unsuccessful) race for a cure
Scrutiny aside, Synergy Pharmaceuticals has achieved something that many other companies
have failed to do.
Vical Incorporated, a biopharmaceutical product developer, launched a clinical study in 2017
with the hopes of treating herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). The study seemed hopeful – it
was double-blind, placebo-controlled, and randomized, and the study group was comprised of
herpes patients that experienced 4-9 flareups in a given year. But in June 2018, Vical
announced the study had failed 2 . Study participants did not see a significant reduction in
recurrences during the trial period. Sadly, based on the study’s disappointing results, Vical
decided to terminate its entire HSV-2 program.
Vaccine and immunotherapy company Genocea launched its GEN-003 drug trial with the hopes
of discovering a cure for genital herpes. But in September 2017, the GEN-003 program was
shuttered 3 , with Genocea cutting its workforce by roughly 40%. In an official press release, the
company said it was “exploring strategic alternatives” to the GEN-003 program. Like Vical
Incorporated, Genocea too had failed.
This left hope in the hands of Rational Vaccines, a medical research company that had
announced a successful 2016 drug trial for a live vaccine, Theravax, which treated both HSV-1
and HSV-2. Rational Vaccines was the brainchild of Southern Illinois University professor
William Halford, who’d been working on a herpes cure since 2007 4 . Halford failed to muster up
the financial support to fund his research, so he conducted drug trials without the approval of
the FDA. Three of the patients in his trial had adverse reactions to the treatment and sued

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Fox medical drama The Resident is going to be seeing some big changes in the remaining episodes of Season 5. On top of Emily VanCamp’s return in the upcoming finale, Brat Pack alum Andrew McCarthy has joined the cast.

Via Deadline, Andrew McCarthy will recur in the final three episodes of Season 5 of The Resident as Dr. Ian Sullivan. As a charming and narcissistic pediatric surgeon of considerable talent, he plays hero to his patients at the hospital, but his relationship with his daughter isn’t so straightforward. That’s not surprising, as The Resident‘s official Twitter account reveals that his daughter is none other than Cade.

If The Resident is renewed for a sixth season, McCarthy’s role reportedly has the potential of being upped to series regular. Since we still don’t know too much about Cade and her backstory, introducing her surgeon father could be the perfect way to air out any other secrets that she’s hiding.

andrew mccarthy mannequin

Aside from that, McCarthy has also appeared on Gossip Girl, Good Girls, Lipstick Jungle, and 13 Reasons Why, among others. He has also directed episodes of shows including Good Girls, Condor, The Blacklist, Orange Is the New Black, and Lipstick Jungle.

There is no word yet on a Season 6 of The Resident, but news can come at any time now. Hopefully, there is another season since it seems like Dr. Ian Sullivan could make for some very interesting storylines, especially if Cade turns out to be the next love interest that Conrad pursues.

Fingers crossed that news on a sixth season comes out soon, but in the meantime, new episodes of The Resident air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on FOX! Andrew McCarthy’s first episode airs on Tuesday, May 3. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to.

We’re going to see them really at odds for the first time in this season. It’ll be also tied into some surprises in Devon’s career. While the Carol-Raptor is obviously the emotional and dominant story in the episode, that rabies medical case is really cool and one I really love for the show. It’s also great because Conrad-Devon working together is the meat and potatoes of our show. But this wonderful success that they have opens up unexpected possibilities for Devon because it’s a very rare thing to cure rabies, to save someone who’s already been bitten. Based on the complications with Leela and suddenly he’s blowing up in a scientific way, there’s a lot of drama and potential pitfalls and we settle it in a really cool way in [the finale].

How significant is the danger to Conrad (Matt Czuchry) when it comes to what’s going on with the fake prescriptions? Or is that more something Cade (Kaley Ronayne) has to worry about?

Yes. In Episode 20, it comes to a head because they have an unexpected patient in the emergency room who holds the key for breaking open the story and the case and off that, there are some interesting and scary moments for both of them that will lead to a lot of the action and drama that we lay out from [Episode] 20 through 21, 22, and 23. It’s a pivotal — while 19 is a very pivotal episode, Episode 20 just really lights a burner under the stories as we go forward and finish the season.

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