September 24, 2021


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Fecha de lanzamiento, reparto y trama de la temporada 5 de Elite

Temporada de élite 5

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Elite is a Netflix original drama and teenager show which contains tons of comedy, romantic and dramatic sequences of scenes. The first episode of Elite was released on the 5th of Oct, 2018 and after that, this show has gained recognition all over the globe. The storyline and connection of scenes have played a vital role in the success of this Netflix show. The 4th season of Elite has recently dropped off on June 18, 2021, and after the success of it, makers are spending their best time in the making of season 5.

Let’s Recap

En la temporada anterior, la nítida historia ganó su ritmo después de la introducción básica de todos los personajes. Las temporadas 1 y 2 giran en torno a 3 adolescentes que ingresaron a una escuela a través de un programa de becas. La vida y los obstáculos de la vida se mostraron en las temporadas 1 y 2. En la temporada 3, otros dramas de la vida como el amor, la pasión y la tensión profesional se involucraron en la serie, lo que le dio más sabor a la audiencia.


Expected Cast and Release Date in Spain

This Netflix original series will be released on different dates worldwide based on time-zone factors and other reasons. The exact release date of Elite season 5 in Spain is not disclosed yet by the makers. Fans have to wait for at least quarter 2nd of 2022 to see their favorite character back in action. The star cast is going to be the same as the previous season where the lead roles will be played by Andre M, Samuel G, and Carla R.

Expected Fan Plot-line

Each season of Elite has delivered a major moment for the audience. In season 4 a lot of questions were roaming around to create a strong baseline for season 5. The sexual bond of Carla and Samual can be a strange yet interesting storyline in season 5.



The exact release of Elite season 5 in Spain is not known to us yet but it is expected to be announced soon by the makers. Fans have to calm their nerves to wait for at least a year from now to watch their favorite series.