Grateful for the Opportunities, AK Antony ends his Political Journey after 52 years



AK Antony’s decision to leave and live in Thiruvananthapuram  

After 52 years in electoral politics, in parliament and in Delhi, AK Antony informed Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the Kerala Party of his decision to step down. Ending his term on the 2nd of April, the former MLA rejects re-election.  

Antony’s Political Journey  

After having begun as an MLA in Kerala in the 1970s, he moved through being a chief minister of Kerala by being the youngest CM at 37. Following ten years as PCC president, five MLA terms, three terms as Union Minister, and five terms in the Rajya Sabha. 

Mere Thought Turns into a Major Decision 

Antony confessed his previous thoughts of quitting and confirmed his decision by informing Sonia Gandhi that he would not seek another Rajya Sabha term. However, the MLA remains highly appreciative and grateful for all his opportunities and believes that he has come to the end of his career as a politician. “I will leave Delhi after April and return to live in Thiruvananthapuram,” he added. 

Marking History  

Antony was general secretary of the Congress during the times of India Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. He is widely regarded as the “St. Anthony of Congress” for his long association with the party. Maintaining his loyalty, Antony claimed, “I want to tell the Congress people across the country that only our party, the Congress, can fight nationally and save India’s democracy, secularism, and diverse character, and in that, the leadership of the Nehru-Gandhi family is crucial.” 

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