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Let us begin with a simple inquiry. How many of you have given any thought to living in prison? We frequently shout to let the rest of humanity know how wrongdoers should be judged and deserve the most severe of punishments. Do we ever wonder what happens after the show? Orange Is The New Black Season 8 is a must-see for all.

Orange Is the New Black is here to make you think, which is precisely what it does. We have carefully nurtured many preconceptions about prison inmates. When the people on the bottom feed on each other, we look down at them with our judgemental scowl.

Despite the fact that the courts have the authority to punish them for breaking the law, and that the official procedure comes to an end following a court ruling, What comes next? It is difficult for the average person to understand how such egregious acts of torture and violence, as well as continued assaults on basic human rights, can go unnoticed by international organizations. This impunity further emphasizes the disconnect between those who commit such crimes and those who are tasked with bringing them to justice. These individuals are no longer regarded as persons; they have no identity

The court case draws to a close, but the battle in society has just begun. In the meantime, there is nothing but prison in the middle of it.

According to Netflix, the series has 105 million viewers. Take a look at this website to learn more about the critically and commercially successful series. Read on to find out why the drama has become one of the most-watched programs.

Plot: Season 1-6

The series follows the lives of the characters inside Litchfield Penitentiary. The story is told from the perspective of Piper Chapman, a young woman who is incarcerated for a minor crime.

She felt at peace with her decision for the first time in years, until she entered the prison’s imposing gray walls.

We learn about how terrible life in prison may be as the narrative advances, giving us a clear picture of how harsh it is to live there.

That’s not the only reason criminals are treated as such, of course. But it’s still a significant one, and I’ll go through some more reasons why in a moment. They’re disgusting and repulsive beyond imagination; they deserve to be killed and eaten by dogs. These individuals are The rehabilitation that the offenders get is extremely disturbing. There is no justice in this prison because it is the final stop; all sorts of abuses and crimes occur on the inside, and there is no remedy.

It’s critical to highlight the show’s name at this point. The phrase “black” refers to the black community in the United States (worldwide). Imagine the condition of a black convict when he’s released.

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The past comes back to haunt you.

The opening sequence begins with flashbacks of the convicts’ pre-jail existence. Several of the individuals turn out to be just passive victims of their circumstances. Some of them, like Piper, are forced to pay for one stupid mistake.

The Inmates

Piper is afraid to encounter the whole group of prisoners. She is also made aware of his presence upon entering the prison, where she encounters her ex-love interest. Later on, they’re seen getting closer once more.

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