September 24, 2021


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This is that One Thing that is Abstaining You From Love

Your Personality is carved out through your opinions about different things you come across in your lifetime. It is based on how you retaliate to your ideas.

Suppose there persists Rapeculture in certain countries, a person named Jesh reacts to it by saying that “there’s a lot that women have to go through, and there should be serious punishments for these heinous crimes”. Now here you may say that Jesh is a person who respects women and knows what’s wrong and what’s right.

It would help if you cultured yourselves according to your opinions because in the end there must be a harmonious relationship between your behaviour and the forged character.

People take ages to judge themselves, but they’re good at judging others. If you want to know about how your Personality is, Take This Test.

About The Test

Pay attention to this picture very minutely and carefully. This picture will depict your strengths and weaknesses, eventually letting you know how your personality is.

Observe this picture and notice that one thing your eyes went to when you watched the scenery. Keep that picture in your mind and read the other blog.


If you noticed the Fence at first glance, then your biggest weakness is you’re too occupied with yourselves in front of others. There is hope, but don’t let yourselves be closed.

No doubt, your past experiences were vulnerable, which made you lose hope. But if you won’t regain that hope, open your heart, then there would be chances where you would lose your true love, which is supposedly true.

Previous Experiences were terrible, but that doesn’t mean you would limit yourselves to the four walls created by you. Make some slight progress. Get to know people around you. Visit places that make you feel better and happier.

Tied Man

If you noticed this at first sight, then you’re in continuous strife and conflict. The battle is not with outsiders, but instead, it’s with you, my friend. You’re constantly waging war against yourselves.

The solution to this is Self-Love. Nothing is purer when you love yourselves because when you start loving yourself, you eventually find love in people. So inculcate Self Love, and you’ll indeed find your soulmate.

The actual conflict is because you don’t accept your weaknesses; to be precise, you aren’t happy with yourselves.
The remedy is just to sit back, acknowledge your efforts and hard work.
Love happens unexpectedly; it will soon happen to you.


Your constant Hindrance is that you always set the bars too high for yourselves and the people in the whole Milky Way Galaxy.

We aren’t saying you deserve anything less in love, but you eventually ignore the positive and productive qualities in an individual when you behave more strictly.

It’s okay if you want the best career, happiest family, unparalleled life partner, undefeated bank balance, but don’t be so specific and demanding.

Because when you set your bars soup that you couldn’t even achieve one-fourth of it, you lose touch with reality.
Set standards according to your potential and your dreams, but never forget to explore love..


Ohh, was that the Skull that you first noticed?

Skull here depicts that you always think you are the one who would ruin your love life. This is because you’re too low with your confidence in yourselves.

You become more and more anxious when you are in love because you think, ultimately, you would ruin everything.

But the fact is, being unusually vigilant might lead you to miss out on the true essence of love and the beauty of life.

Suppose you might have heard of a word called “Commitment Phobia”, which means people are scared of commitment, but they aren’t exposed to the fact that they are true spirited lovers.

If you are afraid of something, share it with your partners. Then, they might have some better solution to the problem, and you would conquer the quest together.


Love Happens most unexpectedly. Do not limit yourselves. Do not be afraid to Love. Most importantly, Love Yourselves because when you love yourselves, you spread Love most effectively.